Wednesday, 12 December 2018

From the teacher’s desk

The end of the year always produces mixed emotions. It is sad to say goodbye and yet an exciting time as we will all begin another journey. What an amazing year 2018 has been! The children have all developed, matured and achieved so much in such a short time. No doubt they make parents very proud. They certainly make our job as teachers so rewarding!

Thank you for all the support and assistance you have given us, however small it may seem. It has been greatly appreciated. It made the year run very smoothly.

We would also like to thank you for entrusting us with your children’s education – for allowing us to lay the initial building blocks towards their future learning. It is an awesome job and we have enjoyed every day. We have grown close to every child and will miss each one of them.

We hope everyone has a happy, safe holiday and a fantastic 2019.

We are sure to see most of you back at Wattle Grove Primary School next year and if not, then we wish each one the best at their new school.

Have a wonderful break from school, stay safe and keep learning!

School reopens on Monday 4th February 2019. See you all then.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Final Countdown

Term 4 Week 9

The end of the year is fast approaching and all the Kindergarten students are finishing off their programs. We are sending home a phonics continuum with the sounds and words the students know. It is very important to continue to revise these over the holidays so they maintain their knowledge and recall over the 6 week holidays. All folders, brain boxes, library books and home reading books are due back ASAP.

The end of the year Dance Party for the Kindergarten students will be on Monday the 10th of December at Camp Wattle Grove starting at 1.30pm and finishes at 2.30pm. The blue students need to pay $2.50 to cover the cost of the bus. The tickets for families are free however you need to let us know how many tickets you require for numbers. The Blue group students will be going on the bus with teachers and meeting their parents and family members at the venue. Red group will need to make their way to the venue with their parents and will need to be signed in with their classroom teacher at the start of the party. Please arrive at 1.20pm. The blue group will return to school on the bus with the teachers, they can NOT be signed out at the venue. The red group will need to be signed out with their class teacher before leaving. Students may wear party clothes with appropriate foot wear.

We would appreciate if all students could bring a large bag (ie a shopping bag), clearly labelled with their name. We will fill these with their books and items from the room to return to you.

End of Year Kindergarten Celebration - Red

 Our class party is on Tuesday 11th December 2018 starting at 12:30pm.  Each child needs to bring a plate of food to share. If you are bringing hot food, please bring it warmed to the classroom, at 12:15pm. Please write your child's name next to your food preference on the noticeboard located outside the classroom. Children do not need to bring  regular morning tea or  lunch on this day.


End of Year Kindergarten Celebration - Blue

 Our class party is on Wednesday 12th December 2018 starting at 12:30pm.  Each child needs to bring a plate of food to share. If you are bringing hot food, please bring it warmed to the classroom, at 12:15pm. Please write your child's name next to your food preference on the noticeboard located outside the classroom. Children do not need to bring  regular morning tea or  lunch on this day.




Assembly Photographs

In Week 6 the Kindergarten Red students from Room 2 and Room 4 hosted the Junior Assembly. The students put smiles on the faces of everyone in the audience by opening with an upbeat Good Morning song welcoming parents, students, teachers and peers to the assembly. The students reflected on all of the fun and learning that has happened in Kindergarten this year. They all spoke clearly and confidently into the microphone and their wonderful WOW writing was on display. The second musical item was a performance of Kindergarten Happened So Fast, and took inspiration from the hit movie Grease. Thank you to parents and caregivers for your hard work in helping the children with the costumes for the day. The students looked very cool indeed. Congratulations to Ryan and Jessica who received the Science awards, and Jack and Ivana who received the Values awards. Well done to all the merit award recipients.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Blue Group Assembly Week 3

In Week 3 the Kindergarten Blue Groups from Room 2 and Room 4 hosted the junior assembly. They dazzled the audience with a song about the weather and a springtime dance. The students have taken turns during the year to be the Weather Wizard. They use their senses to observe the weather each day. The students were dressed to represent each of the four seasons. There were bright flowers, a bumble bee and a rainbow for spring, lots of swimmers for summer, snowflakes and raincoats for winter and lots of reds and brown autumn leaves. Congratulations to Julian and Mitchell who received the science awards, and Chloe and Saoirce received the values awards. The students all spoke beautifully and confidently into the microphone. We are very proud of all the Kindergarten students. Well done to all the merit award recipients.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Term 4 Week 3

Literacy  The letter focus for this week is the letter V v . Vase starts with v v v. What other words can your chid think of that start with v?

We will also be focusing on the sight word 'to'.  

In the coming weeks teachers will be assessing many of the concepts taught this year, this includes sight words, letter recognition, rhyming, sounding out and reading 3 letter words. The children have done an amazing job at learning so many tricky concepts and we are super proud of their efforts. 

Numeracy This week we will be focusing on creating and completing patterns. Patterns can be made from many materials found around the house, i.e. fork spoon fork spoon fork

No hat, No play Our school has a No hat, No play policy, especially as the weather is warming up. Please ensure your child has a hat each day that is clearly labelled with their name. 

There have been a number of toys coming into school from home. We ask children to please leave these at home, as we would hate for them to get lost or broken at school. 

Art show  Tuesday 23rd 4:30-6:30. The year 1-6 will be involved in the Art Show. Though the kindergarten children are not directly involved you may wish to come along to see some of the fabulous artistic displays.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Brain Boxes For Revision

Students that have sounds, sight words and numerals to revise will have their brain boxes sent home daily this term. 

Please practise these with your child each day as this will support their reading, writing and understanding of numeracy concepts. 

Return the brain box to school each day 
so that we can review and send home new cards.
Any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Term 4 Week 1/2

Now that Term 4 has begun so has the countdown with our last nine weeks together. The year has flown past and each child has developed and progressed in various ways, but learning continues till the very last day of school! It’s going to be a busy yet exciting term with many extra activities. There are dancing lessons taking place for the end of year dance party as well as transitions, an Arts Festival, Kindy Assemblies and of course the end of year assessments and reports! Please look at the Term 3 review as teachers will be assessing students on the outcomes that have been taught so far.

Literacy - This week we have learnt the letter Jj as in jam, jet, jog. Next week the focus letter will be the end sound Xx as in Max, box, fix etc. Items for show and tell can be brought in to share with the class next week. The above words mentioned are CVC words and could be practised with your child at home along with other three letter words. Each sound is segmented individually and then blended together to make the word e.g. j-e-t = jet.

Numeracy - The number of the week is 16. We are extending the students with the numbers in the ‘teens’ but our main focus still remains numbers 1-10. Please practise counting, identifying and writing these numbers every day.

Assembly - Rooms 2 and 4 will be combining groups to present two assemblies in quick succession i.e. Blue Group in Week 3 and Red Group in Week 6. A Parent note will be sent home next week for Blue Group followed by one for Red Group a bit later.

Show and Tell - This term the students are asked to bring in an item or photo that relates to a family cultural celebration. Further instructions will be sent home in your child’s document wallet, a week prior to their news day. It is important to prepare your child by practising the information they will be presenting and encourage them to speak loudly, clearly and in sentences. Parents are welcome to come in and share additional information is they wish. Please speak with the teachers and feel free to write your name on the Parent Roster, (displayed on the front door of the classroom) on the same day as your child’s news day. Thank you for your co-operation.

Dance lessons are going well with both Red and Blue groups doing a fantastic job at learning the steps. The dance teachers are really impressed with the student’s behaviour and participation in dancing. We have some great ‘movers and groovers’ in the Kindy!

The Tabloid Sports were well attended and enjoyed by all. Thank you to all parents who attended and cheered their children on!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Learning Journey Photos - Red Group

A belated thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the Red Group Learning Journey at the end of Term 3. Your enthusiasm made it a wonderful afternoon. The students loved showing you all of the activities we do at Kindy each day. It was lovely to see their confidence and pride in their achievements.


Friday, 14 September 2018

Term 3 Review and Holiday Revision Ideas

Term 3 has flown by! The students have all worked extremely hard and made significant gains with their learning. We have participated in some fun incursions with visits from St Johns Ambulance to learn about First Aid and Life Education where we learnt about the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle.  We have also celebrated some important occasions including Science Week, Wattle Day, Book Week, Sports Carnival and Fathers Day. 
This week we are learning about the sound Yy….as in yellow…yo-yo….and yacht. Please look around your home and bring in an item starting with Yy for your child to share with the class.

Learning Journey
We hope you enjoy participating in the Learning Journey with your child this week.  Blue Groups Learning Journey will take place on Monday the 17th of September 2.30pm-3.30pm and Red Groups will be on Tuesday the 18th of September 2.00pm-3.30pm. The students and teachers are very excited to show parents and caregivers some of the activities we participate in at school. 
After the Learning Journey, please take home your child’s A3 Kindergarten Portfolio. Take some time look over the work inside with your child and talk to them about their learning. Please complete the Two Stars and a Wish page, your child can colour-in the top part of the page, before returning to school in week one of Term 4.

Holiday Revision
We hope you enjoy a safe and well-deserved break with your child over the holidays. Please continue to reinforce the concepts that have been taught this term during this period. Consistent and on-going practice will help your child to retain and independently demonstrate their learning.
Ideas for holiday revision:
Writing their first name legibly and independently using an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters.
Writing uppercase and lowercase letters with correct formations.
Use finger paint, textas, glitter pens, chalk or crayons on paper, a chalk board or a cement wall.
Phonic sounds 
Sounds we have learned so far are: 
Ss, Aa, Tt, Pp, Ii, Nn, Mm, Cc, Kk, Hh, Dd, Uu, Rr, Oo, Gg, Ee, Ll, Bb, Ww and Yy 
Practise identifying the initial and final sounds of pictures or objects around the home. For example, ask “What is the first sound in the word cat?” the answer is “c”. “What is the last sound in the word cat?” the answer is “t”. This activity is all about your child hearing the sounds, so is a good one to practise on car trips or when walking together.
Revise identifying the sound of letters when reading books or with Brain Box cards. “What sound does this letter make?”. Your child may be able to sound out some simple words.
Visit the local library with your child or encourage your child to choose some books from home to read together.
Ask you child questions to support their oral language and understanding of the story. For example, “What colour is the girl’s coat?” “Why is she wearing a raincoat?” “When do you wear a raincoat?”.
Ask your child to tell you about the parts of the book, such as the title, cover, page, letters and words. Can they spot any of their sight words in the book? Can they sound out any of the short words?
Sight words we have learnt so far are: 
I, am, a, look, at, Mum, Dad, can, the, in, is, go, we, like, here, see
Speaking & Listening 
Encourage your child to talk about things that they see and experience during the holidays, encourage them to speak in sentences to describe and explain.
Practise identifying and generating rhyming words e.g. pin / bin / win (end in “in” they sound the same at the end). These can be made up nonsense words e.g. pin / vin / lin / hin 

Practise counting forwards 1 – 20 and backwards 10 – 0 in the car or around the house. Practise writing numbers 1-10.
Look for numbers when you are out and about, e.g numbers on letter boxes, prices on shop shelves and ask “What number is that?”.
Play games that use a dice, and encourage your child to tell you how many dots without counting them.

Thank you 
Thank you to all parents for making the term such a successful one. A special word of thanks to those who have come in as classroom helpers - your assistance has been much appreciated. Please feel welcome to join us in the classroom in Term 4, your child and the teachers would love to have you!
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. See you in Term 4.

Photo Update - Red Group

First Aid Incursion

Caleigh and Kura from St John taught us about emergencies and we learnt about calling 000.

Fathers Day Breakfast

We welcomed Dads and other special people into our classroom and made them breakfast. We had a paper plane making competition. Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a lovely morning.

Farmer Fundraiser

We came to school dressed as farmers and made donations to support farming families that are experiencing drought.

From the teacher’s desk

The end of the year always produces mixed emotions. It is sad to say goodbye and yet an exciting time as we will all begin another journey....